Mar 5, 2009

Go Ahead. Criticize Me.

"This was inspired by a lot of recent incidents. I'll leave it at that".

A poem by Luke Fandrich

I suppose in your mind you've done enough.
No action, no guts.And here I am.
An easy enough target.
I'm in a decent spot and you see yourself here.

Is it to put me down?
Is it to put you ahead?
It's like you're trying to make me feel guilty for taking a chance.
You have no motivation yourself, but you want me to congratulate you?
Is that what this is about?

We don't relate, I get it now.
The journey seems easy, when it's been so difficult.
You can't see that.
You won't see that.
It easier to believe it was all luck.
You brush me off like I was handed everything.

Sorry, but this didn't just happen.
Talking big doesn't compare to actual results.
Real dreams take work.
Did you really need me to say that?

I'm angry because you can't see how foolish it makes you look.
I'm angry because it's bitter and a waste of effort.
I'm angry because at the very least you can't appreciate my experience.
And worse, I'm angry because you want to see me fail.

I didn't expect it.
I didn't expect it from you.

Maybe when you wake up you'll see why things are this way.
You'll realize you haven't risked a thing, and maybe if you had I'd take you seriously.

But you go ahead, you criticize me.

It doesn't change a thing.
Does it now?


Anonymous said...

This is the first time you've ever spoken my language.

That it what I was trying to say, and get you to say, all along.

Editing Luke said...

Haha, my indirect response. We're square. I just wanted to return the favour. Although to be honest, I wrote this with a handful of people in mind.

Anonymous said...

First off thank you for sharing such an intimate poem! It is hard first off to write your poetry but then to share your feelings in your poetry and to share it on the internet is brave!

I felt you did a wonderful job and I wanted to thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I think your poem sucks! LOL! Seriously though I'm not a poem guy and never will be nothing against you bit. However its nice to see in all the happy easy going thing you do there is a darker side.