Mar 13, 2009

Blogging Day 651: Overdue Updates

I could start off this entry by celebrating some arbitrary milestones, although I don't really have any today. It is my 651st day of blogging on Editing Luke though. For those of you who accidentally clicked onto my blog looking for Will Ferrell or the Office Bloopers, I apologize. It was a post I made over a year ago and it still gets me clicks.

I do have some news though, and I thought a quick summary would be the best way of addressing some of the recent questions I've received - or a way of answering the questions I'm sure you're all just too busy to ask.

1. My spin-off blog, 2 Edit, is now retired. Yeah, that was quick. You may have noticed that I started posting some of the entries from that blog here to phase it out. All said posts are now labelled in the 'Memorabilia' category and feature old notes, props, mementos, and souvenirs from my various productions from years past. In short, getting traffic is hard enough and I didn't want to invest more time in something that actually shifted focus away from my work here. Promoting one blog is enough, so I've just decided to merge the concept of 2 Edit into Editing Luke.

2. The Chico Bandito series still has a couple of episodes left and I'm planning the finale for the end of April 2009. It's been a background project for months now and I'm anxious to finish it up and promote the entire thing; Perhaps even merge the episodes into one short for a festival, who knows. To date the series has been quite popular and has received over 10,000 views. To check out Chico Bandito thus far, click here.

3. By the end of this month the Season 1 finals begin! You may remember that my film The Gizmo Tree was voted in as the top film for week 17 back in December 2008 and became a semi-finalist. Thousands of dollars are on the line for the top films, so I'm getting prepared to promote and campaign for your vote in the coming weeks. For the record, this competition has some of the largest prizes of any festival or contest I've ever been a part of - I'm prepared to work for it.

4. I'm trying to make plans for a brand new short - hopefully a new festival entry for the 2009 circuit. This is an update, because aside from the everyday edits I do, this is a more elaborate undertaking. I'm already soliciting possible actors, working out original music sources, and coming up with concepts. It's really a mixture of these things that determine what kind of short I'll make. If I can find sufficient acting talent, there's nothing stopping me from making several projects. Every year since 2004 I've produced at least one or two shorts that really defined what that year meant for me - both because of the experience of making the movie itself, and because of the subsequent recognition or promotion that the short allowed. I'll certainly be trying to draw on as many people as possible to really up the ante this year.

That's all I've got for now, but I feel a creative kick coming on as my 25th B-day approaches on March 31. Stay productive folks, we're closing in on spring!

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