Sep 1, 2008

My A&W Experience

So I was going to get myself something to eat and pull through the A&W drive-thru. I'm getting a Papa Burger and Onion Rings - an award winning combination. The woman at the drive-thru is in her forties and she types in the wrong charge for my order, apologizes, and as I'm sitting in the Buick waiting for my food I see that there are two teenage girls (also employees) giggling in the background. 

I have to say that it's a bit un-nerving sitting there, feeling like you're on display while inside people chat away looking in your direction. Anyway, I brushed it off and got back to listening to the Verve (excellent). Then one of the teenagers comes to the window, opens it, looks for a few seconds and walks away. So it was clear they were checking me out, and as the forty year old woman returns with my food she asks 'how old are you'? I respond, '24'. To which she replies 'that's too old'. And I said, 'I know' and drove away.

I'm sitting at home, continuing to upload music to my iTunes account and take a bite of my burger. I grab a napkin out of the bag, wipe my mouth and then see it. The girl, who must've been like 16, had written her name and number boldly on the otherside of the napkin. I immediately thought of the A&W commercial (which is exactly this scenario) and laughed, thinking that this really is an honest representation of what happens at the restaurant. Obviously by getting rings I'm showing that I'm interested in marriage, and my Papa burger clearly shows my desire to be a father - right?

An interesting trip through the drive-thru in any case.

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Anonymous said...

I love drive throughs and fast food for the simple fact that something always happens. I have way to may stories of getting employees to swear, people doing dumb things or weird occurrences. If it wasn't so entertaining I wouldn't eat fast food. I had an old teacher once describe Mc.Donald's as "Cheap easy fun!" I think it applies here and we never let him down on the fact that it made him look like a prostitute monger.