Apr 13, 2008

You've Lost That Student Feeling

In 9 days my dorm will be completely packed, the Buick will be filled, and Regina will be in my rearview mirror. I'm not really sure what to say, but as I peel away all the layers of posters I've put up I'm seeing my mark come off of this place. Moving out feels so different now that I know I'm not coming back. With all that I've experienced living in residence all this time, it's the end of a way of life. In all honesty, it couldn't come a moment sooner!

More updates to come this week.


Anonymous said...

was once a young film school grad who trucked it out to L.A.
returned and worked in DC (Wash.) in TV.
then quit.
much good luck!

Nyawela Gianna said...

welcome to the post college graduation experience. hope yours is exciting and rewarding.