Mar 28, 2008

It's the Final Countdown!

As the 4th month of the year rolls in, so does the 4th and final installment of Buick to the Future, a series of short comedies that I made with my friend Tyler. Originally I was going to wait until the 4th day of the 4th month, but it's gearing up to be a busy week, and in a lot of ways I've been on the edge of my seat to upload this last episode because it's been done for several weeks now.

The first 3 episodes were all filmed in the summer of 2007, and as you'll see at the end of Part 3, it was pretty much assumed that we'd end the series there. At the end of February I put together a short trailer to promote the series and it had me thinking maybe it would be fun to make a 4th episode. Mostly I just wanted to combine what I liked about the other films into this final installment. Take the idea, the characters, and the buick, and refine the concept into one last ridiculous effort.

Because the first episode was really the start of my original work specifically for this blog, there's something poetic about the fact that I'm now about to leave university and this city behind, and post another episode to that series. It's both exciting that there's one last episode to share, and at the same time it's sad that realistically there probably couldn't be another episode made even if we wanted to.

So with all that said, here is a chance to see what I'm talking about if you haven't visited my site before. Or, it's a chance to freshen up on the series before the last episode and the end of series. On April 1, 2008 Buick to the Future: The Conclusion (Part 4) will debut on this blog, so please check back to view it. I'll be able to see whether all this discussion and random promotion over the last few weeks has paid off at all.

If there was one episode of the series I'd want people to see, it'd be this one. Get ready folks! It's gonna be one mild ride! haha.

Buick to the Future: Series Trailer


LJP said...

Very funny stuff! What kind of camera are you using for these videos?

Editing Luke said...

i'm currently using a sony hdr-fx1

LJP said...

Aha. Tad out of my price range! :-)