Mar 15, 2008

Educated Detours: Short Film

Initially I got the idea when driving back to Regina after the holidays in January of 2006. The open prairie had me thinking that it might be kind of fun to make a movie out in the middle of nowhere, and that was enough to set things in motion.

Since going to film school i've always tried to shoot a personal project sometime in the summer just to take my mind off work, and after a few months of thinking about it, what emerged was Educated Detours.

I'd wanted to make a movie with my friend Paul for quite a while, so facilitating this required a bit of organization. I was back home in Medicine Hat, AB for the summer and Paul was in Edmonton. We worked out a plan to shoot in August, and things pretty much fell into place from there.

There's nothing that dramatic about Educated Detours, but it does come from a personal place. The basic idea behind it is that getting a degree in school is a lot like getting a treasure map. You can search for a giant reward or get lost in the experience, and in my case, realize that you're chasing a childhood dream (although that's not a bad thing as much as it's a reminder as to why we do some of the things we do).

It's all pretty straightforward and done purely for fun. If you get a kick out of it, well then that's a big enough reward for me. I've divided the 20min film into 3 parts, please stick around to check it out if you've got a moment or catch the 3 parts when you find the time.

Enough of my yacking, enjoy Educated Detours!




Educated Detours (2006)
Starring Paul Piea & Luke Fandrich
Assitance by Andrea Schmauder
Directed by Luke Fandrich

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Angry Charlie said...

Luke! Great little video you got here dude dudity dude. haha But serially, good to see this one uploaded, I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I hope to see a certain Elliot up here one day. Always good to share the classics! Speaking of, have you seen '4th Year Film Project' yet? :-)