Jan 11, 2008

I'm a Top 10 Video Finalist - Please Vote!

You may recall that before Christmas i had entered a video competition through Sasktel (the provincal phone company) where the focus was to create a cell phone related video for a chance at winning a grand prize of $5000. I ended up making 2 films, Give it Time and The Gizmo Tree. After a week of waiting, I am very happy to report that not only were both my films well received in the preliminary round, but they have both been selected as finalists in the Top 10!Now comes the tricky part, the campaigning for your continuing votes. Let me first say that i entered this contest initially because it looked like a great opportunity to put my film skills to use, and because i thought it would be a great credit for my ever growing portfolio. Now that i've made it to the final voting round though, i actually have a chance at winning a sum of money that can potentially combat my debt for an entire semester. Let me state again, this isn't just a prize that i'd use for a vacation or something, it would directly effect my ability to pay for another semester of university without sinking further into debt.

It's both a blessing and a curse that both of my submissions were accepted, because viewers can only place one vote every 24hrs. Because of this i've decided to campaign for my video The Gizmo Tree first, and perhaps later focus attention to my other submission. Your help is crucial to my success in this contest, and i can't be more thankful to any of you who take the time to watch and vote for my work.

Voting is simple!

- click on the link http://www.cell-ebrities.ca/
- click Sign Up to create an account
- place your vote by selecting a film from the finalist box on the HOME page (http://www.cell-ebrities.ca/). It will say your vote has been cast, and when you can vote again.

Once again, please cast your vote for: The Gizmo Tree

It can also be viewed on the site again or for the first time if you haven't seen it yet. Keep in mind that you are not giving a star rating, you are just casting a direct vote for the winner. Please check it out! I can't thank you enough for your participation, and please feel free to leave comments on my blog to let me know what you think of my films or if you have any further questions regarding my work or the contest in general.

The contest runs from January 11-25, 2008.



and please pass this message on to others who may be interested.


Anonymous said...

Haha, well, admittedly I SHOULD have a bias towards Tyler's winning, given that I had to

a) act in it
b) act in it under Tyler's direction
c) strain my relationship with Farrah to help produce it
d) he inserted unathorized farting noises on the audio track without a thread of permission

Nonetheless, I was planning to get around to creating an account finally today and, while my first vote today (it's one a day you're allowed, I believe, right?) might be for him, I'll ultimately try and even-spread my votes 3-way between your two and Gilligan, though I have to re-read your instructional e-mails to see what exactly your actual preferences/instructions are when it comes to that process...

Good luck Luke! (Just to add to the equality, I literally copied and pasted it from my blog and replaced Tyler's name with yours :D )


Editing Luke said...

I have to say Dave i didn't expect that, but i do really appreciate it.

I'm focusing all my attention on my film The Gizmo Tree, so any vote you cast for me can be for that project. Thanks!