Jan 6, 2008

Revamping My Channel

I initially didn't put much thought in to YouTube, but since last summer I've started to realize that it actually has quite a few benefits. I suppose the greatest benefit would be getting noticed by someone who could actually give you your break, but I don't think I've built a large enough portfolio or following for that yet. The feedback and exposure are the real appeal to me at the moment. If just a few people enjoy my videos on YouTube, well then that's a few more people who wouldn't have seen my work otherwise.

I've said it quite a few times in regards to this blog that just having the channel motivates me to want to make more to put on it. So in preparation for new edits and ideas that I hope to share soon, I started to revamp and polish up my YouTube channel today. So far I've received over 21,000 compiled views for my 33 videos and I'm happy to report that the number of views is growing faster and faster each week. It sure started out slow, but I'm glad that the effort is beginning to pay off.

Expect some new edits soon! In the meantime you can check out my previous work and my channel by clicking the link below.


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