Jan 14, 2008

2 Weeks of Promotion

With the Sasktel Video Competition (Cell-ebrities) in full swing, and with both of my films (Give it Time & The Gizmo Tree) as Top 10 finalists, i've decided to keep the focus on acquiring votes for my work until the contest wraps on January 25/08. *Please read on.

In case i haven't made this clear, your votes are incredibly important!

Quite simply, this contest will be won by the person who gets the most votes. It's not about ratings or judges anymore, it's about numbers. Although i have 2 films in the finals, i've decided to campaign mainly for my film The Gizmo Tree to keep from dividing my potential votes.

If you have 5 min to spare, please visit www.cell-ebrities.ca to watch my film The Gizmo Tree.

Voting is Easy:
- visit www.cell-ebrities.ca
- click SIGN UP to create an account
- click on the GO VOTE! link at the top
- make your selection from the finalist box (*Gizmo Tree*)

You can vote once every 24hrs until January 25!

Like i mentioned in my previous post, to me winning this contest isn't just about a credit or about getting some extra cash. More specifically, it's about the potential to pay for another semester of university. I take this opportunity very seriously, and i can't compete without the help and attention from readers like you. Your vote can literally make all the difference in a small competition such as this, even though in my situation, the payoff and effect is anything but minor.

Being a film student i kind of feel like this contest was custom tailored to my strengths, making it an even more exciting challenge. I'm very proud of what i've accomplished so far (being the only one to have 2 films in the finals) but my reach only goes so far. I need to catch a break somewhere along the line, and even just having you go to the site to decide whether or not you think The Gizmo Tree deserves your vote is all i can really ask.

Please check out the Gizmo Tree @ www.cell-ebrities.ca and sign up to cast your vote. Thank you readers, for your time and consideration!

As always, i welcome your comments, questions and/or feedback.

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