Sep 14, 2007

Desert Island Flicks #6

Check out my updated post for Toy Story here.


Anonymous said...

Pixar, the once george lucas company sell out to disney for thx certifications. With all of that backing them its no wonder they have done some good, its upsetting that it took so long since Tron(I don't care what other say it to is great).

All that aside, I agree pixar is much farther ahead of the game than any other animation studio (I really like the first ice age as well). But don't take my word for it. My daughter prefers the pixar shows, increibles, mosters inc, cars and nemo are all in her collection and are among her favorites. They were the movies she wanted unlike some of the ones I just bought her. I have not seen Ratatoulie yet but I am sure it will join her strip of movies and I want to get her toy story which is just before her time and a bugs life which I know she loves as well. the disgust would be so enormous that I am sure she would disown me if I even thought of giving even the special selling items that come with the dvd's away. I also enjoy the lion king a great deal.

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog doing research for my wife. She works for a new animation studio called Studio 125. They use a animation program through Blender.

Im not sure how Blender matches up with what Pixar and the big boys do, but I do know that Pixar has always impressed me with any movie put out.

I myself am looking forward to the Jerry Seinfield animation where he plays a bee. You will have to forgive me, I cannot remember the name of it.

Best of luck in the blogging world.