Aug 9, 2007

Some Old Fremont Footage

Sometimes I get in the mood to edit, but with no new footage I end up rehashing old stuff to make new videos. It's not so much that I plan on doing anything with the video when it's done (although the blog has provided a showcase for my whims) but I do find editing cathartic and relaxing when working on personal stuff. 

For one reason or another (mostly because I'd rather do anything than work on my history paper right now) I had Vegas on the brain so I started playing. I thought about all of the raw footage I shot on Fremont Street in 2005 and that was enough to go on. It's kind of fun to think of how many random edits of things I could make without shooting anything else. Around an hour later I came up with this.


Anonymous said...

My mom and dad had gone to Vegas before my 4th year and I had seen that show from them. I was planning on using it as my final project. I wanted to play with 3 dimensionality, I figured if I could create one of those laser shows then project a similar video in behind that semi transparent screen and that would give it an element of depth. But it didn't work out as planned, apparently the U of R has no Laser Beam and the double projection thing is hard to set up. I ended up doing it for my experimental film and I had good ideas as to make it work but when it come to projecting it I got poor results. Some art guy came later that semester and did everything I was talking about and it did kinda work. My next step is to figure out holographics.

TJ said...

Nice video! I love Freemont St and I'm glad they didn't let it give way to the Disney atmosphere that overtook