Aug 6, 2007

I Am Canadian

I remember seeing this ad on TV back in high school and by chance came across it again on YouTube. Molson always had very patriotic advertising (Molson Canadian beer, who would've thought?) but none of them have come close to this one in my view. Have to say that it still gives me chills and makes me proud to be a Canuck. My name is Luke, and "I AM CANADIAN!!"

Seeing as I'm on a bit of nostalgia trip I thought I'd share another VERY Canadian video with you. This one goes as far back as I remember to the late 80's (I would've been 5 or 6 years old) when you'd catch the Log Driver's Waltz on CBC between various morning shows. See how stereotypes bring us closer together? haha.


Anonymous said...

nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late commin in here but I'd agree with you this ad is one of the best. As far as the log drivers waltz, wow, I love it, there was all sorts of animations back then that they showed on cbc rather than commercials and they were all great. When I took Canadian Cinema we all stayed an hour extra to watch all the cartoons b/c it wasn't part of the curriculum but we seen the LDW as a VHS was fast forwarding and we made Ken let us watch it all. I think they were all done out of winterpeg as well. Truly the LDW is one of the greatest Canadian short ever.

Erik said...

Fantastic! I never post commercials on my blog...but this one might make the cut. Thanks for sharing!