Aug 12, 2007

Cool Video Concepts

Recently i've been into the music of Need to Breathe, a group that i came across when randomly downloading songs. This process is nothing new for me (or many others i assume), sometimes it feels twice as rewarding to find something good by accident. After having a few of their tracks on rotation for a week or so, i took the next logical step and did some research. In the process i watched one of their videos on youtube and was impressed at how the low budget concept and self-made music vid by the group was actually pretty clever. I like how the spectrum has expanded in mainstream entertainment, and Need to Breathe's vid for 'Shine On' is an example that it's not so much about the equipment used as it is about the idea. From my perspective, where i have no choice but to be low budget, it's reassuring and inspiring to see this. Not to mention it's a catchy song. Check it out:

Need to Breathe's 'Shine On'

Here's another music video with a basic premise and technique using stop motion with dominos and dice (it seems similar to the White Stripes video using Lego, another one to check out). The reality of doing this one would be somewhat more time consuming than Need to Breathe's vid, but talent is talent and good is good. Enjoy!

Fujiya & Miyagi's 'Ankle Injuries'

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